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Our company is magic
OneKitWeb provides the realization of website and targeted, quality integrated marketing tools to connect brands to their customers. We believe in data-driven but non-intrusive multi-channel marketing, which uses awareness, action and retention through traditional, digital, social and emerging channels.

We focus on customer relationship, innovation and impact in order to deliver measurable results to our customers.

We listen to the needs of the global market
Without borders we make you benefit from unbeatable prices on the market.
Specialist in Facebook ads, SEO, Development, Consulting, Community Management...
Undisputed winning partners
We provide the best tools and advice in customer relationship management to brands and non-profit organizations but also to individuals.
Our helps avoid disappointment with a clear market analysis. You will base your decisions on proven research, you will know your competition, and have a clear idea of ​​market share.
We will be there with you
OneKitWeb is your essential partner in the market for the implementation of profitable processes, the implementation of the latest collaboration tools and the training of your new employees.
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Meeting your needs, our priority
Our Web Agency is divided into two complementary poles to meet your needs with different digital experts.
The web development pole manages technical activities such as website creation and others creations.
And the digital marketing department, which is responsible for acquiring traffic.
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Our team
OneKitWeb has more than 5 employees, here we present your main contacts
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Antoine - Associate

Antoine manages the project journal d'un trader
Collaborates with key account partners, audits certain activities, analyzes and manages projects.

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Axel - Founder

Notre couteaux suisse, c'est votre principale interlocuteur, il gère la coordination et veille au bon déroulement du développement. Passionné par l'espace & les sciences.

Our partners
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